A Global Rebranding Strategy improved Sales and Financial Results

Most IT companies offer complex services complicating the customer’s decision-making process. This calls for deep customer understanding and differentiated communication approach

Business Case
Sanne Møller
Branding, Lead generation & conversion
pdf (10 MB)


Dig into the business case and learn more about how we through a global rebranding process transformed Columbus Global – a multinational IT company offering ERP solutions in more than 20 countries – from a traditional IT systems provider to become a value adding solutions partner. This includes:

  • Primary research insights
  • New positioning strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Sub-brands
  • Messaging
  • Websites


Many years of close cooperation with Danish and international IT vendors and consultants have given us a thorough insight into the IT industry’s specific challenges.

We know the industry’s customers, their needs and behavioral patterns, and with their often complex technical, economic and strategic considerations a website with focused content and strong identity is imperative to lead generation.