Rockwool Fonden – Podcast

Podcast production

For Rockwool Fonden we have facilitated a long series of podcast produced by Schmidt Jørgensen & Partnere. In the podcasts, specialists discuss topics including integration, employment, childrens’ development, divorce, vulnerable youth, NExTWORK, violence and threats in the workplace, system innovation, and the consequences of integration benefits – including results of their ongoing research and interventions.

The production is facilitated in our sound studio on Frederiksberg and includes planning, set-up, recording, editing and mastering of the final podcasts.

Podcast is an effective format for immersion in all sorts of subjects to be enjoyed anywhere; on the go, while working out or as a meditative break an a busy day. We can help you with all parts of the process from concept development and moderator casting to production and publishing.

Hear the podcasts here