Styr på historien – Podcast

Podcast production

We have facilitated and recorded a number of podcasts for Podimo, incl. “Styr på historien” – a history podcast series.

In season 9, Anne Sofie Allarp focusses on Russia and the struggle for ideals, power and survival. Episode 7 is about how central the Crimean peninsula is to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Why is an area the size of Jutland so significant for Russia, and how Crimea has fared since the annexation? What actually happened back then in 2014? That’s what Anne Sofie discusses with associate professor at the Defense Academy and Ukraine expert, Claus Mathiesen.

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Anne Sofie Allarp is a Bachelor of Laws, author, journalist and regular commentator at Berlingske. She has given a large number of lectures on Danish and international politics and European affairs..