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Catch Your Customers in the Micro-Moments

The customer journey is paved with micro-moments where customers shape their preferences and make purchasing decisions. These defining moments occur when we reflectively turn to our mobile devices to act on a need or wish to discover, learn, do, watch and even buy something.

Smartphones have overtaken desktop as 1st screen, and we are far more intimate with it than with our closest friends. 87% of us sleep with it every night, and 68% check it as the first thing after waking up. And this is just the first of 150 daily checks.

Google clearly favours mobile users, and so should we. There’s no time to waste, as people who are checking us out on mobile are:

  • 57% more likely to visit our shop
  • 40% more likely to call us, and
  • 51% more likely to buy our products and services

These facts and much more can be found in Google’s report about micro moments and the shift to mobile.

Micro-moments happen everywhere

Micro-moments happen everywhere, all the time, and mobile users are impatient creatures. The days are gone, when we solemnly sat special time aside and our butts down at the desktop to research on a new car or the next vacation destination.

We want our answer here and now, and we are gone if it takes more than 3 seconds. In fact, 82% consult their phone on their way to the check-out counter in physical shops, and poor you, if all you’ve got is slow loading desktop content.

Ultimately, a customer journey is the sum of all micro moments with differing intent in each phase and across all channels and devices. It’s crucial to realise that only a small fraction of people who encounter your brand or content are ready to buy now and will get turned off if pushed too soon or aggressively.

To drive incremental revenue, lead generation and brand sentiment, we should focus on offering short, clear interactions that add value or help the customers on their terms – instead of our own.

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