Hvem dræbte Nedim Yasar? – Podcast

Podcast production

As a criminal reporter, Marie Louise Toksvig has covered a myriad of murder cases. But the crime’s incomprehensible brutality got personal when her friend Nedim Yasar was shot and killed immediately after the reception for Roots, Marie Louise’s book about Nedim. In early 2020, she follows the trial of the two accused of the killing, hoping to get an answer on who killed Nedim – and why. And perhaps to understand what role she played in Nedim’s death. After each hearing, Marie Louise talks about the case, the man, his life and his death, together with journalist Kaare Svejstrup and guests who also knew Nedim and the gang-related environment he was part of as a youngster.

Hvem dræbte Nedim Yasar? is produced in cooperation with Podimo. We facilitated the production in our sound studio on Frederiksberg, including planning, set-up, direction, recording, editing and mastering of the final podcasts.

You can hear the 7 podcast series here: bd6-8685-4cc8-b578-4d1c194810b1