Customer Engagement: Does B2B have to be Boring?
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Does B2B have to be Boring?

There seems to be almost no limits to how far we’ll go to create better customer experiences and true customer engagement. But it’s almost always related to B2C. Here we go all nerdy with insight-based personification, differentiated timing and content, whereas my experience is quite a different story when it comes to business customers.

Why is B2B so boring, humorless and cold? My inbox is crammed with B2B inquiries that reveal an alarming lack of understanding of me and my business. It’s the same old business bullshit. Traditional letters, so detached and deadly drab that most of them, fortunately are discarded by good old miss Outlook before reaching my delicate eye.

Personas are increasingly used to develop relevant content for business customers. But why then is the actual person then given such low priority? It’s people, we are communicating with – not companies. And even as business customers, most of us are guided by unconscious impulses. We may be really good at rationalizing our choices and preferences afterwards, but the fact is, that even business people act on emotion.

B2B no doubt will become much more engaging, effective and enjoyable, once we start communicating to and as people rather than detached companies.

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