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Nurturing leads to maximise revenue

Complex products and services complicate the customer decision-making process and calls for a differentiated communication approach. Marketing Automation can help you target customers more closely in order to mature and qualify leads more effectively.

By automatically generating relevant and timely communication in all touch points along the customer journey according to individual needs, motives and behaviour, Marketing Automation can optimise your entire marketing set-up – making marketing activities measurable and indicating precisely when a lead is ready for personal contact.



Changing Buying Behaviour

As the market becomes increasingly transparent, potential buyers of high consideration purchases do more desk research and seek advice/reference with peers and colleagues before engaging with sales rep.

Up to 95% of qualified prospects on your website are there to research. They are not yet ready to talk to a sales representative, but 70% of them will, however, eventually buy a product from you – or one of your competitors.

If you push too early, you risk missing out on the sale. Instead you need to mature potential customers by servicing their needs until they are ready to buy.

Nurturing potential customers is about building relationships and trust. By providing the right messages and services at the right time leads are driven effectively through the sales funnel. If you are spot on, potential customers will consider you as a relevant professional experts and source of inspiration, which they may recommend in their network.

Rule-based marketing automation builds patience, persistence and timing into the customer relation allowing you to manage leads more effectively.

Automation requires systemisation and intelligence

The lack of a proper process for scoring, qualifying and following up, faulty contact information and untargeted content will at best prevent you from realising the full potential of marketing automation.

Defining the rules of engagement is mission critical in automating effective lead management. This requires intelligent segmentation with a deep understanding of client passions, pains and decision-making processes.

It’s all about listening for and interpreting signals, meeting needs and adding value to move prospects to the next phase of the decision-making process and closer to sales readiness:

  • What messages do the target group respond to
  • What type of information adds value – providing differentiated information according to different segment needs
  • What signals indicates sales readiness – assign scores
  • What score indicates that they are ready to speak to a salesperson

Overview and coherence in the customer experience – across touch points

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