Privacy Types: Content for Data
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Privacy Types: Content for Data

Marketing people are constantly balancing how much information to ask in exchange for content, such as newsletters, white papers and guides. There is seemingly no upper limit to what customer insights may be nice to have in the name of sharper lead qualification and segmentation. It is, however, also a widespread belief that the more questions we ask, the more leads will drop out in the process – before completing the form.

This is true for at least some of the users, but do you know how willingly your particular users share and submit personal or professional information?

There basically are three privacy types:

  1. The Sceptics who will do anything to avoid sharing information, as they are very concerned about how their information is stored, shared and used. They delete cookies and consider personalisation of content to be clingy and unpleasant monitoring. In fact, a violation of their privacy.
  2. The Careless who happily share their information left and right. They have no worries, and are generally unconcerned about where their data end up or what it is used for.
  3. The Pragmatists who assess piece of content to decide whether it is attractive enough to exchange their data for. And if they deem it is worth it, they give only the mandatory information – leaving optional fields open.

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