Digital Inspiration Workshop

3 hours with full focus on your digital strategy

Do you fully exploit your digital potential?

Gather 3-10 of your key people in charge of business development for an effective brain session with us. After an intense 3-hour workshop, you’ll walk away full of inspiration and with specific recommendations for digital initiatives and methods.

What to expect:

From the workshop, you may expect:

  • An update on the latest digital development: The 5 most important digital trends, user behaviour and expectations
  • A discussion the digital challenges in your business
  • A presentation of 5-10 examples/cases which can lead to success in the digital channel
  • 3-5 specific recommendations for optimisation of your digital presence
  • Recommendation of specific methods to ensure digital initiatives to support your overall business strategy and objectives


DKK 30,000, excluding catering.

We can host the session for an additional cost of DKK 100 per participant for catering – or you may choose a location of  your preference.

Follow-up sessions, detailed recommendations and road maps are available upon request.


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