Customer Journey Design

Is your organisation aligned with customer needs and processes?

Does your organisation understand your customers’ processes, needs and perceptions in every aspect of their interactions and relationship with your company’s different departments?

A bumpy customer journey risks losing potential customers as well as decreasing satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations.

Needs to Succeed

A smooth and consistent customer journey aligns customer needs and expectations in all interfaces with your company to support your business objectives and goals for acquisition, retention, self-service, etc.

How We Help

Our experienced team with deep customer understanding will take you through the process of mapping and designing the optimal customer journeys based on YOUR organisational challenges and goals.

Step 1: Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map visually illustrates your customers’ processes, needs and perceptions throughout their interaction with your organisation. This will help you to:

  • Understand not only the purchase moment but the whole process from the customer’s perspective from being out of market to getting inspired, experiencing a need, exploring and identifying solutions, evaluating, deciding, purchasing, using, off disposing, re-purchasing, etc.
  • Understand customer experiences and emotions
  • Identify issues/weaknesses and opportunities
  • Identify moments that matters and prioritise improvement points

Step 2: Customer Journey Design

Designing an enhanced customer journey involves:

  • Redesigning existing experiences and creating new according to customer personas and their behaviour, functional & emotional needs, passions and pains
  • Align with strategic business objectives and assess potential impact, complexity and expenses of the new solutions
  • Piloting and implementing blue prints
  • Communicating the new and personalised customer journey strategy. This includes internal training

The Customer Journey

Customer journey

  1. Out of market: Not intentionally looking for our services/ brand/ product until something (a trigger) happens to spark an interest.
  2. Inspiration: Open to inspiration, experiencing a need > Shortlist
  3. Evaluation: Actively evaluating alternatives and searching for information, deciding on a choice “Confirmation” – or lose interest and circle back “Out of market” or to the “Inspiration” phase
  4. Confirmation: Actively searching for confirmation information and finally deciding on purchase
  5. Re-confirmation: Actively searching for information to re-confirm the purchase
  6. Positive usage: Living with the product. From here the customer may disappear contently “Out of market” for a while – or continue to actively seek “Re-confirmation”

Keywords & Focus Areas

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