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By creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, you can attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience – and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action. It is, however, easier said than done, and for many businesses simply too overwhelming and time consuming.

With our retainer service, we support your content marketing ambitions with a steady content flow necessary for making real impact. Together, we will define your primary customer personas – fictional personas who represent an ideal client for your business. We will explore what makes them unique and develop relevant content for them.

We offer 3 package deals to suit different ambition levels, but we will be happy to make a customised offer just for you.






Start-up and monthly status meetings Research, preparation and meetings
On page SEO Analysis of opportunities for lifting traffic to your site
Ongoing SEO Ongoing traffic lifting initiatives
Customer personas Development of 2 customer personas, a primary and a secondary
Keyword analysis Analysis and recommendations for keywords, topics, and ranking opportunities
Blogging* Development of blog post, incl. copy, imagery and publishing 2/month 4/month 4/month
Social media posts* Development of social media posts, incl. copy, imagery and publishing 2/month 4/month
Content offers* Development of content offers, eg. guide, quiz, podcast, whitepaper, e-book, video, etc. 2/year 4/year
Conversion path building Analysis and recommendations for increasing conversion rates, incl. landing pages, thank you pages, forms, CTAs, flow and UX
Email marketing* Development of news mails, incl. copy, imagery, layout and launch 1/month 2/month
Content mapping Audit of existing content based on customer journey and personas and recommendations
Nurturing flow Analysis and recommendations for improving nurturing flow based on customer journey and personas
Total per month, DKK**
 22.000   54.000   78.000 

*More may be added at extra cost

**Total per month excluding VAT for a minimum duration of 12 months

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