Workshop 2:

Become relevant in the context of NOW

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Based on key customer segments and their needs throughout the customer journey (Workshop 1), we will prepare a Gap analysis prior to the workshop to show the difference between what you are doing today as opposed to what you ought to be doing to better meet customer needs.

On the workshop, we will process the Gap analysis in a brainstorm based on customer insights. Marketing initiatives will be prioritised according to complexity and expected impact, and we will show you how to build a segmented content strategy based on customer needs along the customer journey.

Finally, we will introduce Micro Targeting as a tool to achieve greater competitive advantage from your marketing efforts.


  • Presentation for discussion: Visualisation of customer insights, segmentation model and customer journey with mapping of needs for 3-4 customer segments (from Workshop 1).
  • Gap analysis: Charting of what you are doing today in critical touchpoints versus actual customer needs
  • Structuring and documentation of Gap analysis and introduction of content strategy and micro targeting models – for presentation and discussion

Agenda for Workshop 2:

09:00 -09:30 Welcome & coffee
09:30 -10:50 Session 1: Gap analysis (Review & discussion)
10:50 -11:00 Break & refreshments
11:00-12:20 Session 2: Content marketing strategy (Review & discussion)
12:20-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:20 Session 3: Micro targeting strategy (Review & discussion)
14:20-15:00 Wrap-up & next steps

Price: DKK 50,000

ex. VAT and travel expenses.

  • The price covers preparations, workshop facilitation with up to 10 of your key employees/managers and follow-up.
  • The final report is charged separately, see below
  • Assuming you will host the workshop, the price excludes cost of meeting facilities and catering. If desired, however, we will be happy to arrange external meeting facilities with dinner and sleeping accommodations, eg. 2 workshops over 2 days at Helenekilde in Tisvilde – charged separately.

Final report:

Processing of content marketing and micro targeting strategies in detailed reports for each key customer segment.

The report (charged separately) is DKK 75,000 for the first segment, and DKK 50.000 for each subsequent segment – will be delivered no later than 4 weeks after the workshop.

Next steps (Workshop 3):

  • Growth Index Metrics: How to measure things critical to successful customer experiences across departments and functions?
  • Governance & organisation: How to organise in order to ensure that we are all pulling in the same (right) direction?
  • Anchoring & sharing: How to anchor knowledge and implement change?


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