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3D Animation

World class execution at competive prices

Our diligent process ensures the effective and cost efficient production of digital solutions and content, including audio, video, CGI, 3D, VR, AR and web.

With some of the best VFX artists in Europe, Reset Film, we produce un-matched photo-realistic 3D images and animations as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) to give our clients unique and competitive advantage in terms of quality, flexibility and artistic freedom at competitive prices.

Unafraid to take on responsibility and challenge conventions, our experienced inhouse team and facilities are sure to meet your needs for a corporate film, a new website, campaign, presentation, new content, adaptations or ongoing adjustments of existing materials.


Contact Torben Zinckernagel directly on torben@nzinck.com or +45 2383 7690

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