Stop Spamming me!
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Stop Spamming me!

“None fits all” has become an established truth in the marketing industry making relevant and targeted content much more effective than mass mails to the entire customer database. So how come only a select few of the newsletters in my mailbox manage to intrigue me enough to open or let alone read them?

What are barriers keep companies from producing relevant content, and how are they overcome?

It amazes me, that companies who have knowledge of me, my behaviour and my needs, still apparently are incapable of putting together a newsmail that matches my profile better. Most use only simple principles of geography, shop reference, purchase frequency, themes, etc – instead of using a dynamic mix of parameters.

Imagine if my next newsletter were created from a combination of dimensions, such as:

  • My digital behaviour: The history of which stories I read in mails and on websites
  • My won ranking of themes and topics
  • My purchase history
  • Other relevant segmentation information, like demographics, socio economics, archetype, etc.

That would be the end of irrelevant stories and offers in my mailbox!

The need is there

We have the knowledge. We have the systems. So what is holding companies back. Is it only a question of resources to produce more and better content?

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