Tips for Improving Permission and Email Strategy
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Tips for Improving Permission and Email Strategy

How to gain access to potential customers – those, who are interested and want to hear from us, although they may not be quite ready to buy yet?

It’s not revolutionary news, but here’s a fine check-list, when time is short and email marketing is pending on your to-do-list.

1. Identify where to meet potential customers

Make it easy for them to sign.up for news, events, etc. Include digital touchpoints (websites and landing pages) as well as physical touchpoints (shop, event).

2. Get in touch!

Don’t let your new contacts hang, while you gather stories for the next planned mailing. Instead, set up predefined mails up in your mailing system (Mailchimp or other) to automatically send upon sign-up. Trigger mails save time, as they can be prepared before hand and re-used. AND they are actually up to 8 times more effective as newsletters, as the recipient gets them at a relevant time – right after signing up.

3. Keep your database updated

Outdated information is less effective and legally invalid, if it hasn’t been used for more than a year.

4. Keep out of the spam filter

Avoid using terms like “Sale”, “Offer” or “Free” in the header and “Noreply” as sender. Throw away passive contacts. If a large portion of your contacts never open your mails, it may affect your rating by the mailing programmes negatively, so your mails wind up in spam.

There are a multitude of guides for optimising mails with regards to language, layout, calls to action, headers, mobile optimisation, personalisation, segmentation, etc, but only a few focus on collecting permission and building relations.

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