Customer Engagement: What you give is what you get!
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What You Give is What You Get!

There is nothing better than listening to someone so enthusiastic and immersed in their subject that they captivate everyone around them – leaving them yearning for more. That’s passion, and it’s contagious! But true engagement requires excess time and mental surplus. It’s not something you just pull out of a hat between 4 and 4:15 in the afternoon. If our day is in overdrive, we tend to put our passions on autopilot and let our limited time be consumed by boring chores.

Communication supposed to engage our target group is often systematised and automated. Content is mapped, tone of voice guide and strategy developed with a meticulous plan for where and how often to post content that is assembled externally and without real feel for the company. Hardly very engaging.

Our commitment is directly proportional to the yield in terms of effect on our target group.

And if we want to captivate them with our passion, it takes more than x posts on planned weekdays. It’s not something you do in the passing, but an actual job to be prioritised with proper time allocation.

Some may settle for mediocre commitment, and fine. Good for them! But if you are tired of posting crappy content, ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy making content? If not, stop. It’s unlikely to be very fetching or effective
  • Why are you not exited or what stops you from sharing it?
  • Are you lacking inspiration? Remove your blinkers, change your perspective and have another look with fresh eyes
  • Do you know your audience? It’s hard hit a target, if you can’t see it
  • Do you know what works and what doesn’t? Maybe it’s time to give your content production routines an overhaul

The more (you think) you know about your target group, the less curious about them you become. Remember it’s constantly changing.

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