Copenhagen Municipality – Podcast

Podcast, speak production

For the City of Copenhagen and in cooperation with Learning Agency, we have produced a series of podcasts with realistic dilemmas discussed in a panel of the municipality’s leaders. The discussions were facilitated by Mads Steffensen (from Mads & Monopolet, DR), who helped make them realistic and entertaining, in addition to creating food for thought and desire to learn more. The target group was 2300 Copenhagen City leaders.

The production took place in our sound studio on Frederiksberg and included planning, set-up, direction, recording, editing and mastering of the final podcasts.

Podcast is an effective format for immersion in all sorts of subjects to be enjoyed anywhere; on the go, while working out or as a meditative break an a busy day. We can help you with all parts of the process from concept development and moderator casting to production and publishing.