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In Neuburg | Zinckernagel you get a core team of digital marketing experts with more years of advertising and ‘real world’ experience than we care to admit.

From the invaluable customer insights to production and implementation of concrete initiatives, we master all parts of the process, including evaluation and optimisation.

We have the courage of our convictions and never a moment’s doubt when presenting the solution. The right one for YOU!

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Torben Zinckernagel
Partner/CEO, Strategic Development

+45 23 83 76 90
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Mette Stenstrup
Partner/COO, Customer Engagement & Messaging

+45 40 88 13 60
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Vicky Cirkeline Volder
Partner, AD & Experience Design

+45 50 86 52 08
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May-Britt Adler
Production & Client Management

+45 20 33 52 38
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Steen Kaalund
Sales Process Optimisation & Efficiency Maximisation

+45 40 72 32 11
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Nikolaj Vinten
Sound Technician

+45 21 29 25 30
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