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Campaign Development

Attract prospects and nurture them into sales qualified leads with targeted inbound campaigns

While traditional push campaigns are losing ground and effect due to changed customer behaviour, inbound campaigns are focusing on capturing the attention of a carefully defined narrow audience – turning strangers into customers and ambassadors for your business.

This targeted approach elevates the quality of your leads as they are attracted by genuine interest. And the promotion they generate when sharing in their social network is invaluable.

Needs to Succeed

  • Set a clear goal for the inbound campaign (eg generate awareness about release of a new product, increase leads for expansion, etc)
  • Identify target groups and personas
  • Specify keywords based on persona search behaviour and interest
  • Develop targeted offer and messaging
  • Plan and build automation and nurturing flows
  • Kick off your campaign with targeted email
  • Distribute & promote (blogpost, social media, etc.)
  • Consider paid search and other channels
  • Track and analyse traffic and performance

How We Help

Our dedicated team can help you create targeted inbound marketing campaigns designed specifically to appeal to your potential customers at every stage of their customer journey.

  • By applying our holistic approach, we ensure consistent messaging and a cohesive campaign experience across different channels
  • All elements (CTA, landing pages, SoMe, keywords, emails, blogging, etc) will be based on creating content of value/use/relevance/interest for the specific persona or target group

Through our proven process, you will save time and always have a clear understanding of next step. This includes how to improve future campaigns based on performance analytics.

NZINCK is a pleasure to work with; they are smart, pragmatic, and creative problem solvers that I highly recommend.

Cody R. Aufricht

Vice President – Marketing Shared Service Center, Columbus


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