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Speak & Sound Production

Always in tune, on time and within your budget

You want your professional sound partner to have the experience and facilities to meet your requirements and expectations at competitive prices. The production manager is your personal liaison providing full transparency and assurance that your project is always on track with respect to your quality standards, tight deadlines and budget restraints.

Productions may include:

  • Speaker casting, contract, usage rights, etc
  • Speak recordings for TV and radio spots, e-learning, games, podcasts, etc.
  • Dubbing
  • Sound design and effects
  • Mix and mastering
  • Music composition

We can also help you with concepts and scripts, as well as production of video and adaptation of TV ads and games

How We Help

Cooperating with our dedicated and specialised sound production team will:

  • Keep you in the loop to the extent you prefer or find necessary
  • Relieve you of worries and free up time as we take full responsibility for the production
  • Ensure casting of the perfect voice for your production. With a clear understanding of your needs and close to a hundred professional speakers in our database, we are sure to match your product, purpose or message just right
  • Let you keep deadlines and budgets. Our proven process ensures both flexibility and efficiency to keep production on track. With in-house sound and video production facilities, acute and last minute adjustments are possible
  • Meet your high-quality standards. Our sound technicians are musical perfectionists with ears finely tuned to maintaining a certain style, tone of voice and pace throughout a production

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