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Inbound Marketing

Ultimately, inbound marketing is about turning virtual strangers into keen promoters of your company, brands, products and services

This is the organic and by far the most effective way of doing online business. Instead of shooting generic messages far and wide at anything that moves, inbound marketing is focused on capturing the attention of a carefully defined narrow audience – turning strangers into customers and ambassadors for your business.

While the amount of traffic is reduced with this targeted approach, the quality of inbound marketing leads is much higher as they are compelled by genuine interest. And the promotion they generate when sharing in their social network is invaluable.


Needs to Succeed

  • An accurate assessment of current your marketing effort in terms of active marketing assets, performance and budget
  • Specific, measurable and realistic marketing goals
  • Well-defined and prioritised customer personas and journeys
  • A marketing game plan based on goals and allocating resources needed to achieve them
  • Building or adjusting your existing website around your goals as a hub for all your inbound marketing and lead generation
  • The continuous production, publishing and promotion of content on different platforms to drive relevant traffic to your site
  • The continuous evaluation of progress and adjustment of your inbound marketing strategy to optimise performance

How We Help

Our dedicated team specialised in inbound marketing will be a solid and experienced partner for counselling on all levels of your organisation to help you:

  • Prepare an effective inbound marketing strategy
  • Prepare your website
  • Produce content and promotions
  • Anchor an inbound marketing mindset throughout your organisation

With training and technical support, our aim is to enable you to manage on your own, unless you want us to stay on to ensure continuous content updates and optimisations.

Having had the pleasure of working with NZINCK’s core staff since 2009, I have experienced their unique ability to combine business understanding, creative thinking, and elbow grease to make targeted solutions for their customers.

Minna Dam

Director, AAK

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