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Marketing Transformation

In the face of changed customer behaviour, many companies have lost control of their own brand and the customer experience

…And with everyone (competitor brands, customers, stakeholders, opinion makers) communicating on all channels, it may seem obscure where to focus the efforts.

A new CRM, website, or mobile solution is not sufficient when engaging in a digital marketing transformation. As the customer experience is driving the marketing transformation it needs a holistic approach to the entire organisation’s way of doing business. The customer experience doesn’t belong to just one department and a transformational approach by definition includes several stakeholders, including the customers.

Needs to Succeed

Digital transformation is an on-going process involving all parts of the organisation. To ensure support and commitment, you need bullet proof arguments and clear KPIs.

To build an operational road map, you need thorough knowledge about your target groups’ behaviour, needs, passions and customer journeys. You need to plan the continuous efforts for external as well as for internal processes.

How We Help

Cooperating with our dedicated team specialised in digital transformation will:

  • Improve your customer engagement, lead generation and conversion rates by enabling coherent and personalised customer experiences across touch points and platforms
  • Keep the transformation process on track. We are fully aware of the dilemma that on one hand it is imperative to include both managers and employees in the projects, but that they rarely have much time to spare with their regular job tasks to tend to. Together, we will find a sufficient level of contribution to drive the projects forward.
  • Ensure viability of the digital transformation by implementing supportive tools and structures as well as evaluation and documentation formats

Our Proven Process

1. Insights
A solid foundation for prioritising project resources and identifying focus areas based on customer behaviour, customer journeys, needs and delight factors and the company soul and positioning

  • Define research design (qualitative/quantitative methodology, target groups, thesis, proportions, timeline, resources, etc.)
  • Collect data according to research design
  • Analysis
  • Presentation and internal anchoring of the knowledge and understanding of customer centricity

2. Strategy

Based on the interpretation of the customer insights, a customer centric go-to-market strategy is formulated, incl.

  • Segmentation model definition
  • Overall dashboard and KPI metrics
  • Customer journey design
  • Content and media strategy – overall and localised
  • Localised micro-targeting strategies
  • Change management programme – to ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Governance model
  • Operating model

3. Road map
An operational plan including projects and actions which aims at transforming the way the organisation interacts with its stakeholders through a digital customer centric strategy

  • Definition of success criteria and KPIs – what should be achieved and how do we measure success
  • Specifying focus areas – what are key areas. Not to be mistaken for departments, as it is imperative to apply a holistic approach. A focus area could be to build an always up-to-date customer knowledge base incl. client specific data, analytics, sentiment and trends analyses, etc. and to ensure knowledge sharing and use
  • Identifying all actions needed to achieve the success criteria. Each action will be thoroughly described incl. timing and resource specification

4. Market enablement

We offer support of various degrees, from monthly/quarterly feedback and recommendations to daily hands on.

Together we identify the appropriate level of support, incl.

  • International coordination
  • Educational programmes
  • Support for local strategy adaptation and micro-targeting
  • Content adaptation
  • Technical system support


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NZINCK always leads with the strategic perspective and combined with their creativity, it’s a recipe for success…

Søren Kristensen

Managing Director/Customer & Channel Marketing Transformation, Accenture


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