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Marketing Automation

Are you struggling with lack of leads and low lead quality?

Marketing automation can help boost your sales by automating time demanding tasks in your lead management process. From lead generation to lead nurturing, lead qualification and CRM integration. When done right, marketing automation helps both marketing and sales teams increase their productivity as well as strengthen their internal cooperation.

Benefits for marketing: No more jostling to prove the value of marketing. As marketing responsible you will be able to document what parts of your marketing budget create value and keep focus on viable initiatives. By integrating with already existing marketing activities and sales systems, the lead management process will generate much stronger interdepartmental cooperation in the organisation.

Benefits for sales: No more wasted efforts spent on irrelevant leads and meticulous processes. Marketing automation increases the number of qualified leads, freeing up time for your sales team to focus on relevant leads with authority at the right time in their decision-making process. Thus resulting in increased sales efficiency.

Needs to Succeed

  • Think differently within the organization! It is imperative to implement an inbound approach both within marketing and sales
  • Know your target group and your leads’ preferences
  • Design communications flow
  • Set up campaigns and lead programmes
  • Produce effective lead generating and lead nurturing content

How We Help

To many companies, it may seem overwhelming where to start, how to decide on a marketing automation system, how to build communications flow and rule based nurturing campaigns.

We help you by providing:

  • General counselling on the principles of marketing automation and what systems best suit your needs. We help get you started and guide you through the use of the principles and system
  • Identification of customer profiles and description of personas
  • Design of communications flow
  • Configuration of rule based nurturing and campaigns
  • Best practice on lead forms
  • Plan and ongoing production of effective lead generating and lead nurturing content

We are certified in working with HubSpot and know how to utilise its system to increase revenue and ROI. But we are not married to HubSpot and take pride in providing unbiased counselling for choosing a marketing automation vendor/systems provider. We pay close attention to usability – whatever the system it should be easy to operate by everyone in the marketing and sales organisations.

…Experts in communication, NZINCK is able to take complex matters and distil this down to its very essence and engage the target group through relevance in the context of their now.

Søren Kristensen

Managing Director/Customer & Channel Marketing Transformation, Accenture



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