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The Russians are coming…

We have had a wonderful gathering of interesting hosts and experts in our cosy podcast studio on Frederiksberg. They have had animated discssions about the war, its background and consequences from very different points of view.

Macro Advisory Partners discussed the implications of the Russian invasion with regards to European energy security, political stability, and the cyber infrastructure.

In June, we had the pleasure of facilitating a few episodes of Crooked Media’s podcast series, Another Russia, when the team was in Copenhagen in connection with Obama’s visit. It’s all about war and corruption, as Ben Rhodes interviewes murdered Putin critic, Boris Nemtsov’s daughter, journalist Zhanna Nemtsova.

Podimo’s history podcast “Styr på historien” looks at the war from a Crimea perspective. What actually happened back then in 2014, is the top for Anne Sofie’s discussion with associate professor at the Defense Academy and Ukraine expert, Claus Mathiesen.

Also our friends the podcast, Magtsnak, have dipped their toes in the information war between Putin and Zelenskyy. Here they discuss whether Putin’s information barrier be torn down to let ordinary Russian’s know about the genocide?

All podcasts are facilitated and produced in our sound studio in Copenhagen, incl. recording, editing and upload. While most are physically present, some of the guests and even producers have participated remotely via Zoom.

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