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Content Marketing

Effectively engaging with customers

Content marketing is all about creating value for your audience – customers, users, members or other target groups – by offering them something useful. If truly useful, they will come back for more and even share on social media.

However, offering frequent and valuable content across platforms and channels often seem overwhelming and excessively time consuming to many businesses.

Our  content marketing approach is inbound. Instead of shooting generic messages far and wide at anything that moves, we focus on capturing the attention of a carefully defined narrow audience – turning strangers into customers and eventually ambassadors for your business.

Needs to Succeed

  • Genuine knowledge about your target groups’ personas and their customer journeys
  • A solid strategy including targets, KPIs and analytics to measure effects
  • Planning
  • Time and skills to develop the actual pieces of content – be it info-graphics, video clips, convincing blog text or informational white papers
  • Production capacity

How We Help

Cooperating with our dedicated team specialised in content creation and marketing will:

  • Improve your customer engagement, lead generation and conversion rates by creating valuable content for your target groups
  • Free some of your precious time from daily operational tasks
  • Ensure that your content is always well designed and thought out
  • Keep your content marketing on track according to defined KPIs


Contact Torben Zinckernagel directly on or +45 2383 7690

The team at NZINCK really gets that putting the consumer in the centre is the start of any endeavour to create relevance and intimacy…

Søren Kristensen

Managing Director/Customer & Channel Marketing Transformation, Accenture

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