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Customer Experience

A great customer experience is key to increased revenue and loyalty

…but most organisations have plenty of room for improvement. Customer experience is more than just a buzzword; working with customer experience is a way to attract customers and make them feel good about their interactions with your brand. This work needs to be proactive and predict what the customer wants, before they want it. And it should always be treated holistically as the customer experience doesn’t belong to just one department or touch point.

Needs to Succeed

  • A map of the current situation – how do the individual touch points in your customer journeys perform in creating excellent customer experience? And most importantly, how do they perform together – does your brand/organisation generate a consistent and coherent customer experience? Or are there gaps and flaws…
  • Deep customer understanding – what are your target groups’ behaviour and needs in the different phases of the customer journey, and how can you best serve those needs and exceed expectations. This understanding has to derive from your (potential) customers and not be based on assumptions, as this is where the customer experience gaps really occur: in-between what you believe and what the customer wants.

How We Help

Cooperating with our dedicated team specialised in customer experience will improve your lead generation and conversion rates by ensuring coherence, relevancy and excellence in the customer experiences across touch points. We will also help increase your customer loyalty and revenue by applying a proactive approach that will strengthen the customer engagement and relationship.

Depending on your resources, time frame and ambitions, we recommend the following steps to improve the customer experience can be bought independently or as a full process.

Our Proven Process

Customer experience

  1. Health check and painkillers
    • Overview of most imperative improvement points (digital)
    • Recommendations for quick fix solutions (low hanging fruits)
  2. Cause analysis
    • Customer insights analysis (behaviour, needs and expectations, customer journeys, customer experiences)
    • Touch point analysis (on- and offline)
  3. Full cure
    • Customer journey design: optimise the customer journeys according to insights and different target groups. Prioritise touch points and design moments of power
    • Customer experience design: optimise the customer experience both on a micro and macro perspective; that is from designing individual interactions (micro) to customer life phases (macro)
  4. Stay healthy
    • Keep track on customer experiences by using different sources of customer insights (analytics, sentiment reports, qualitative feedback, customer service reporting, etc.)
    • Ongoing optimisation based on the continuously updated insights


Let us find the set-up that suits you in terms of scope, skills and need for flexibility. Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact Torben Zinckernagel directly on or +45 2383 7690

…NZINCK’s sense of honesty, quality, trends and place is completely on par with the fast-changing world that we live in, and I can recommend their work to anyone.

Peter G. Rebeiz

Chairman & CEO/Caviar House & Prunier and Montreux Jazz Café



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