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Newsletters & Nurturing Flows

Personal and cost-effective relationship builders

Newsletters are a cost-effective medium for building relationships and nurturing prospects and customers, and to nudge them forward in their customer journey. This goes for all businesses whether B2B, B2C, B2BC, public, etc. Unlike other forms of communication that are difficult and inconvenient to personalise, email business newsletters are as made for it. This helps you send targeted communication with engaging content to different profiles of customers.

However, in our experience it seems to be a pain to many organisations to come up with this engaging – and differentiated – content, whenever the next newsletter issue is due.

Needs to Succeed

  • Segmentation of your newsletter subscribers with regards to interests, personas, customer journey position, geography, engagement level – or whatever is most relevant to your business and newsletter objectives
  • Knowledge of your newsletter target groups to identify content of interest and relevance
  • Resources and competencies to plan and develop relevant and engaging editorial content
  • Knowledge of dos and don’ts with regards to layout, CTAs, subject line, spam filter avoidance, send out timing, etc.

How We Help

Our dedicated team specialised in web development will support you with:

  • Confidence that your newsletter will perform in all aspects and support your core business
  • Design and layout representing your corporate identity and taking into account new online trends, user experience and behaviour
  • Counselling on how to use newsletters and follow up communication as nurturing effort
  • Segmentation of your subscribers database
  • Content targeted your business goals and target profiles’ interests and needs. We plan and develop in close cooperation with you but free you from the (potential) pain of constantly sniffing up exciting stories.
  • Publishing of the newsletters at planned timing
  • Analytics reporting on KPIs (open rate, click rate, bounce, un-subscriptions, etc.)
…NZINCK’s sense of honesty, quality, trends and place is completely on par with the fast-changing world that we live in, and I can recommend their work to anyone.

Peter G. Rebeiz

Chairman & CEO/Caviar House & Prunier and Montreux Jazz Café


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