A Buzzy Business: Time to Kill Your Darlings
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A Buzzy Business: Time to Kill Your Darlings

All power to the customer!

That’s the reality, and in our efforts to gain some kind of control over our brand and business, marketeers search desperately for the truth in the shape of a new buzzword, technology or marketing mantra to boost sales, brand value, conversion rates, or whatever may be the answer to our prayers.

A closer look at the new buzzwords reveals a certain familiarity, but even if it’s old wine on new bottles, you may want to dive in and drink it up. New terms like customer engagement, client management and customer journey breath new life into the ever important (but stale old) customer relation.

At the same time, the new terms accommodate new methodologies and premises. The premise for good customer relations, for example, has definitely changed with the changing customer behaviour. The technological development enables a whole new way of companies to be relevant in the context of the individual customer’s life. Consumers, customers or just people in general expect to have their needs met instantly – right here and now in all the micro moments that constantly occur throughout the customer journey. With real time marketing, we are able to react promptly to individual digital behaviour in the #ContextofNow

Too much buzz may, however, make us blind to an ever-changing reality. This is the topic of a very interesting and quite entertaining article by Tom Goodwin: It’s Now 2016, Time to Ban the Word Digital

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