TV-commercials: Adapting to the Nordic Markets


Adapting to the Nordic Markets

The Nordic markets may be small, but adaptation is imperative if international companies want to market their products in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland.

Our adaptation services include:

• Speaker casting

• Translation and manuscript handling

• Cut down

• Pack shot changes

• Packaging tracking and changes

• Production of additional and alternative scenes

• Bumper and tag-on production

• Mastering and uploads for all Nordic TV stations

• Handling of assets, masters and rights

Building Long Term Relationships

We handle the process from start to finish. All production is made in-house to ensure speed and flexibility at competitive prices to let customers buy more air time for greater impact.

We are constantly working to improve efficiency and convenience for our customers, and some of our biggest clients have been with us since the beginning.

Relevant references include:

Philips, Gillette, Vichy, Neophos, Finish, Vanish, Citroen, Sony, EA, Airwick, Evian, Merrild, Café Noir, Zendium and Neutral.

Neuburg | Zinckernagel is a professional and experienced partner with strong competences within strategy, concept and production, including design, graphics, text, photography, film, audio and web. We master all parts of the process, but happily subcontract selected projects.

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