Has Analytics Replaced your Common Sense?
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Has Analytics Replaced your Common Sense?

Some people around me cling to analytics to a degree that makes me wonder if it has replaced their common sense.

Analytics is an important tool to help us understand the outcome of our efforts and communication. But that doesn’t necessarily make it the best driver for innovation. Yet every day, I encounter decision makers, who want proof that proposed initiatives will work; “Sounds like a grand idea, but please show me the results before we launch”.

Have we lost our faith and courage?

An obvious thought is, that the faith in the viability of our ideas has decreased with the increased focus on measurability, because: “We can’t very well base our future on gut feelings”. No, but… on the contrary our world perspective may get a little too simplistic if we rely solely on analytics. And what happens to our creative ability, when we all act according to the same narrow data set?

How to balance math and music?

I believe in the customer, and I am 100% dedicated to understanding their needs and behaviour. With this persuasion, I must develop and preach the faith needed to restore the courage and balance of power between mathematics and music. With insight, empathy and an open mind, it calls for a reset with focus on factors that can’t readily be quantified and measured.

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