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Bitten by a Mad Bitcoin

Never have I felt more insecure in a buying process, but at the same time never more excited either. And what is it then that I have purchased. Difficult to explain, but my engagement remains sky high.

This post isn’t really about Crypto Currency, because even though I have spent many hours studying it, I am still confused. Instead, I’ll tell you about the feeling clicking the “Buy Now” button on the Crypty Exchange leaves me with.

Not even the purchase of my first Manolo Blahnik stilettos beats it, even though this is my first experience trading with a large company, and there was nobody to take my hand and guide me gently and safely through the process. I have traded on a website belonging to an unfamiliar company, and bouaght something quite obscure: a code to my Crypto Wallet and an app, showing the exhange rate of my Cryptos real-time. I love it, and check it constantly.

I have also received a debit card, allowing me to transfer my Cryptos and make withdrawals from regular ATMs. Or so I hope. I was in doubt, what the debit card was for until, I activated it, cause who needs logos…

So here I am, with an anonymous debit card and a long code to my Crypto Wallet, feeling like a trendsetter. In the know and part of something hard to describe, indescribable, but undoubtedly HUGE. It’s high level disruption.

I have gambled, put in an effort, and acquired complicated knowledge as basis for important decisions in my own buying process. In a DYI sort of way, it’s much more exciting and satisfying than getting it served up in easy to swallow bits on a silver plate.

Do companies really need to be so accommodating? Perhaps, there is something to be said for leaving a bit of work and mystery to engage customers. Or maybe, this is a special case, cause when it comes to purchasing insurance or a car, I definitely want guidance and I’d insist on knowing, whom I’m dealing with.

Maybe this covert concept just speaks to my anarchistic heart, cause I feel absolute no urge to flash my insurance policy like my Crypto Wallet. Time will tell if I struck gold.

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