Checklist: Are you on the Right Inbound Conversion Path?


Checklist: Are you on the Right Inbound Conversion Path?

People have had it with irrelevant one-way messaging that rudely and often loudly interrupts us at every thinkable and unsuitable moment. Companies endlessly ranting on about own virtues and fabulous products are a nuisance if not a direct turn off for most prospective customers. We’ll listen only, if the communication speaks directly to our needs, i.e. relevant and personal content delivered at the right time.

So, quit spamming, stop wasting your marketing budget, and look at the facts:

  • Flow TV is getting killed by streaming, and the few still watching TV are skipping over the ads
  • Digital music and satellite radio channels make it easy to avoid advertising
  • As is the case with print ads which hardly anyone sees in the digital versions of newspapers and online news
  • Online banner ads are blocked by ad blockers
  • Direct email often wind up in the spam filter or just isn’t opened
  • And 44% of direct mail (paper) is never opened, so save the postage
  • Do young people even know what the yellow pages are any more?
  • With do-not-call lists, telemarketing is a thing of the past or just plain annoying.
  • Outdoor billboards are even less effective

Source: SEOpresser, Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing – Which Is More Effective?

This of course calls for a change in the way many corporations think and practice marketing. Many are already on board the inbound philosophy, and the rest will surely follow within the next few years, as predicted in The State of Inbound


Is your mindset inbound?

Download the checklist on the link above, to see if you are on the right inbound conversion path

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