I Love Wiggle!


I Love Wiggle!

Wiggle simply understands their customers. Understands what adds value – and act accordingly. They know how to deliver customer service, and their products, prices, search filters, freight prices and delivery times are of course ship shape. But that’s just a prerequisite in the context of my undying devotion to Wiggle.com.

Time and again, I’m confirmed in my need to return this great shop

Latest, when ordering bike equipment (on a Sunday). The product, unfortunately, was out of stock, but I was referred to using the chat feature, expecting a sleepy student assistant. He was anything but. Knew stuff. Quite a lot actually, and together we found a solution. I felt completely safe in his expertly hands.

I added extra items to the same order, but got one of the sizes wrong. This is where, I would usually get a bit nervous, because return goods is what really divides the wheat from the chaff. Especially when returning to another country. It’s overseas return goods that make frustrated people put brand new goods up for sale on Facebook at half price. But fortunately, Wiggle also rule the world of return goods. I simply logged on to my account, where my items were listed, marked the return item, which produced a printed label to accompany the item. That’s it and refund was transferred to my account upon their receipt of the item. Easy peasy and swift. Of course, I was kept in the loop every step of the way via mail.

Wiggle really showed their caliber, when I received a gift, that I needed to exchange.

I didn’t have a receipt nor any inkling as to where it was purchased. Wiggle, however, didn’t pause and exchanged it willingly – no fuss or questions asked. That’s just great customer service, and part of the reason why I love Wiggle. They attend to my every need without even knowing I’m their fondest ambassador.

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