Love Thy Customers


Love Thy Customers

At record speed, the internet has changed buying behaviour in all major industries and to meet new customer demands, companies must adapt and reorganise. This, however, is easier said than done – especially for more mature companies.

The danger of doing nothing

Every day traditional businesses lose ground to agile young web-based companies that are able pay undivided attention to customer engagement and relationship management.

More than a customer convenience

Customer centricity and consistent customer experiences are not just about letting the customer move seamlessly across channels and platforms. It is about understanding customer needs, desires and behaviour well enough to deliver the right message and content at the right time and place. The trick is being able to precisely predict and accommodate the customer’s next need – whether they are looking for inspiration, product detail, a concrete offer, swift follow-up, acknowledgement, personal service or just a “how to” video.

Never shout “BUY!”

Timing is everything, and if you push a little too soon, you risk scaring interested could-be customers away and possibly straight into the arms of your competitor.

Car buying, for instance, is not a spur of the moment decision. It is a process. Nurture the customer relationship with inspiration in the early stages of the customer journey, sprinkling more solid information to meet the need for product details. The “Book test drive” option should always be within easy reach, but save “Buy” for red-hot leads.

After purchase, the nurturing continues with service and loyalty programmes as happy customers are far more likely to repurchase and their recommendation is invaluable.

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