Branding & Corporate Identity

Becoming unique, desirable and credible

Good branding affects new sales, additional sales and loyalty. A strong and attractive brand will draw potential customers to the company or product and keep customers coming back. Maybe even recruit them as ambassadors. By focusing on brand building instead of push activities, marketing costs may be streamlined and ultimately significantly reduced.

A strong market positioning requires a strong brand that differentiates the company and its products/services to the market in a unique, desirable and credible way. As decision-making processes and preferences are mostly driven by emotional factors, a brand (B2C or B2B) gains strength if it manages to get associated with stories, values and feelings.

Deliverables may include:

  • Brand audit, incl. customer and market insights, brand value and perception
  • Brand (or corporate) strategy & positioning, incl. values and identity
  • Target group analysis
  • Brand (or corporate) platform, incl. name, tagline, storytelling, value proposition and boilerplate
  • Visual identity, incl. basic elements (logo, colour palette, graphics, typography, tonality), paper line, off- and online templates and signage
  • Development (or update) of brand (or corporate) guidelines/design manual, incl. photo style
  • Brand (or corporate) messaging to ensure consistent communication across countries, departments and channels/touchpoints
  • Campaign development, incl. idea and concept
  • Design, execution, testing and implementation with on-going adjustments

How We Help

With deep customer insight and open-minded creativity, we can help you create a strong platform that positions and differentiates your company or brand uniquely, desirably and credibly. Our proven process will generate valuable and consistent customer experiences in all touchpoints and off- and online interfaces – both externally and internally.

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