Solutions for IT Companies
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Solutions for IT Companies

In an ever more crowded and competitive market a focused marketing effort is key. Let us show you how and when to influence leads on their way through the sales funnel to optimise qualification.

With solid industry understanding, experience and a proven methodical process, we can help you develop and implement a strategy where sales and marketing efforts are working effectively together across all customer interfaces and touch points.

Ask yourself this:

• Do you know your growth potential and do you have a plan for reaching it?

• Does your strategy effectively accommodate being found and considered by the right customers?

• Do you know your customers’ decision-making processes and what part your website plays in it?

• Do you know what makes your customers tick and does that match the customer experiences you create?

• Do you regard yourself an IT supplier, a systems provider or maybe rather a business consultant?

• Have you considered adopting og selling systems for marketing automation?

Moving Toward Marketing Automation

Most IT companies offer complex services complicating the customer’s decision-making process. This calls for a differentiated communication approach depending on where the customer is in the sales funnel.

Marketing automation starts with identifying decision-making processes for various target groups. The automatically collected knowledge about customer motives and behaviour enables you to target your customers more closely and mature and qualify leads better. All this is supported and automated by relevant systems and processes.

We can help you identify customer needs and decision-making processes, define customer profiles and determine what strategic content is relevant in what situations.

Strategic content is not about product sheets and system specifications. It’s about customer needs and behaviour, and we can show how and when to influence leads on their way through the sales funnel to optimise qualification.

Let Us Help You

Many years of close cooperation with Danish and international IT vendors and consultants have given us a deep understanding of the IT industry’s specific challenges.

We know your customers, their needs and behavioural patterns, and with their often complex technical, economic and strategic considerations a website with focused content and strong identity is imperative to lead generation.

Supplier or Business Partner

If you help customers implement marketing automation or other rule-based communication, we can assist in mapping decision-making processes, defining customer profiles, designing communication flows and developing strategic content.

What type of IT Company are you?


Where is Your Focus?


Client Statement

A unique and sustainable competitive advantage

We partnered with NZINCK for a global rebranding project. It was a very thorough strategy initiative that entailed primary research, positioning, corporate identity, vertical brands, messaging and websites.

A full year post implementation of the brand in 16 countries, I could not be more pleased with the results! It has provided Columbus a unique and sustainable competitive advantage, in a very competitive and crowded market, and is now resulting in increased sales and improved financial results.

I have personally been responsible for four rebranding efforts with large US-based companies and this is the only one, that I would not make some alterations to with the perfect clarity of hindsight.

Besides the great work, NZINCK is a pleasure to work with; they are smart, pragmatic and creative problem-solvers that I highly recommend.

Cody R. Aufricht, Vice President – Marketing Shared Service Center, Columbus

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