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The Attraction of an Idea

The other day, I stumbled across – a portal for ideas and kickstarter projects, and it moved me. I was moved, that so many regular people embraced other regular people’s projects –supporting with money to help make their dream come true.

The site features projects initiated by individuals as well as by companies, and span over everything from “Human Rights” to “Phone Accessories”.

When something catches your interest on or, you can contribute to help get the project launched. I don’t know the statistics, but it seems as if kickstarter projects are very successful – often attracting much more funding, than is actually needed. It is commendable that so many people are willing to help finance projects that might not give much (if anything at all) in return – instead of just waiting for the product to launch.

This is quite an accomplishment, when you think of what a hard sell some products are. Even at half price, and although we get it right away.

Whether it is direct sales or simple sign-up, creating customer engagement is something most companies have to tend to on a daily basis. For well-established companies, getting prospects and customers to engage themselves seem harder. Maybe because finished products don’t give you a sense of ownership or influence. Maybe kickstarter projects just feels more edgy, fresh and exciting. Like something real and sympathetic – making us feel part of something important. History in the making.

I don’t know, but I think it is an interesting development…

Current kickstarter projects:

E-CASE – 1st Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS

(Currently funded by $93.893, i.e 585%)

NAKEFIT: “Forget about your stupid flip flops”

(Currently funded by €295,022, although they were only asking for €20.000)

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