What's Customer Engagement Without Employee Engagement?
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What’s Customer Engagement Without Employee Engagement?

Companies are finally beginning to shift their focus from own products to customer needs, adding real value and building relations. This to benefit the customer as well as the company.

A broader perspective

Turning the lens sharply on the customer, adjusting and optimising customer engagement in terms of KPIs on the dashboard may, however, be too narrow. In our determination to understand the customer, we tend to forget the employees and their role in creating genuine customer engagement. Widening the perspective just a tad allows us to include employee engagement in the equation.

Employee engagement is imperative to engaging customers. With insight, responsibility and authority, engaged employees are in a unique position to build relationships with customers that could never be accomplished by marketing automation.

Will companies with the best robots win all the customers? I’m convinced they wont. Smart technology can help us get the right message across at the right time, but lasting loyalty requires a personal relationship between the customer and an engaged employee.

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