Nzinck News

January 2022



Finally, the new year is starting to look HAPPY

Time’s up for restrictions, masks are coming off, and we’re going disco dancing ’til dawn… And while we’ve been waiting, we have cheered ourselves up with some much-needed changes and renewals, including exciting new projects and alliances and a new name – not to mention our fancy new office!

We are looking forward to being invaded and can’t wait to help with your strategy and concepts, graphic design, copy, audio, video and web production. So, drop by – make us HAPPY!


New name: Nzinck – short and sweet

NEUBURG | ZINCKERNAGEL has always been a bit of a mouthful – especially on “first dates”, so to make it easier, we’re going all in on our nickname, NZINCK. It’s got some musical “schwung”, which we’re only too happy to acknowledge, and at the same time, the change signifies a fresh new start – while maintaining a link to our proud history. Besides, 20 years after their break-up, we figure the risk of a mix up with a certain boy band should be fairly small.



New office: From backyard to main building

After more than 25 years in our beautiful backyard building, we decided it was time for a change. So, we packed up and trudged the 25 metres across the yard to set ourselves up in the tastefully renovated chambers in the main building.

With complete control over the project – from the cutting of the first sod, right down to the decor, we are extremely satisfied with the result. It feels like home.

New studio: The Oak Room

In the search for new premises, optimal conditions for recording weighed heavily. Designing and tailoring the new studio and exactly for our style of production has been exciting. The Oak Room has a clean Nordic look and is clad in beautiful oak panels to ensure the perfect acoustics. With a formidable view over Skt. Thomas Square, we now have one of Denmark’s best recording studios for spoken word, music and podcasts, which occasionally is chosen for large international and top-secret projects with strange code names.


New strategic partnership: TheCltr

We are also delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with some of the most talented people we have met along the way. The name is TheCltr (pro: “Culture”) as understanding and interpreting diverse cultures is their focus. With offices in London, Berlin and now here with us in Copenhagen, we are able to accommodate large international clients and projects, which otherwise would be out of our reach.

The cooperation means, that we can offer an international set-up to companies wishing to expand their business to other markets. With a constant influx of inspiration, new methods and top human resources, we can offer superior comptences to tackle an even wider range of projects.

We’ve already established a budding client list, with plans to extend our branches into new and exciting markets before too long.

See more about TheCltr here