Adaptation of TV Ads & Games

Quality, speed and flexibility at competitive prices

Adaptation is absolutely imperative when wanting to market products across Scandinavia.

Having produced adaptations of TV commercials and games for over 25 years, we know the ropes and understand the importance of accuracy, efficiency and flexibility.

Our Services Include:

  • Speaker casting
  • Translation and manuscript handling
  • Cut down
  • Pack shot changes
  • Packaging tracking and changes
  • Production of additional and alternative scenes
  • Bumper production and tag-on production
  • Mastering and uploads for all Nordic TV stations
  • Handling of assets, masters and rights

We also produce video and sound/speak

How We Help

Specialised in adaptation for the Nordic markets (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland), we master the whole production process in-house from start to finish. This ensures quality, speed and flexibility at competitive prices to let you buy more air time for greater impact.

Our production manager takes charge and provides full transparency and assurance that your project is always on track:

  • Keeping you in the loop to the extent you prefer or find necessary
  • Relieving you of worries and free up time as we take full responsibility for the production
  • Ensuring casting of the perfect actors and speakers for your production
  • Letting you keep deadlines and budgets. Our proven process ensures both flexibility and efficiency to keep production on track. With in-house sound and video production facilities, acute and last minute adjustments are rarely a problem
  • Meeting your high-quality standards with a rigorous planning process and professional craftsmanship

We are also happy to subcontract selected projects.

Keywords & Focus Areas

Speaker casting, translation, bumper and tag-on production, mix and mastering of ready files in all formats, rights negotiation & handling

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