Professional podcasting

Immersion. Whenever. Wherever

På dansk

Over the last few years, we have noted a growing interest in the podcast format, which can be enjoyed on the go, during training, while you cook, work in the garden, as a bedtime “read” or meditation – whenever and wherever.

The podcast format is especially well-suited for in-depth content for a variety of purposes, including internal anchoring, debate and discussions, entertainment, infotainment and education.

We offer the full package, incl.

  • Concept and script preparation
  • Speaker/moderator casting, incl. contracts, rights, etc.
  • Speak recording
  • Sound design and effects
  • Music composition
  • Mix & mastering

Indeed, we can help you with any type of speak and sound productionvideo production as well as adapation of  TV spots and games


With our professional sound team in your corner, you have the option of taking charge, leaving the production in our capable hands or any degree of involvement that suits you.

  • The best voices: We understand your needs and with over a hundred professional speakers in our database, we can find the perfect voices for the product, purpose or message in focus for your production.
  • In time and on budget: With excessive experience and in-house AV facilities, we ensure an effective and flexible production, which is also able to accommodate your last minute changes.
  • High quality: Our sound technicians are musical perfectionists with ears finely tuned to maintaining a certain style, tone of voice and pace throughout a production.


Please contact May-Britt on or +45 3325 1512 for more information.